Puerto Rican Homeless Population Surges

It's sad to say that images such as the one above are largely increasing on the beautfiul island of Puerto Rico.

According to Fox News Latino, La Isla del Encanto's homeless population has risen immensely in only two years due to an ongoing economic crisis which includes an unemployment rate of 14 percent. This rate is currently higher than any U.S. state.

The Puerto Rico Pro Homeless Coalition of Coalitions reported that over 1,650 homeless people have been estimated to be living on the island, up from 980 two years ago. "This is the most dramatic number we've seen," said executive director Francisco Rodriguez.

Reports by The Huffington Post state that homeless people can now be seen sleeping on park benches, under bridges or in doorways, across the island which holds a population of 3.7 million people. And another heartbreaking point, many of these homeless people are addicted to drugs and can be found begging for money in and around San Juan.