Latino Professor Offers Study Session to "Students of Color" Only

A Texas Christian University professor stirred up some racial controversy last Wednesday.

The Huffington Post reports that Dr. Santiago Piñón, an assistant professor at the University, sent an email to a handful of students last week stating, "At the beginning of the semester I usually like to invite my students of color to get together and discuss the challenges they may face during the semester." The professor's email then ended with: "I don't mind if this would turn out to be a study session for my STUDENTS OF COLOR ONLY."

But one of the students, Allyson Guzman, who was included on the email chain, told KEYE TV that she was "slightly offended" because she identifies as white.

"I don't know if he was judging it by our pictures or our last names or what," Guzman told the news outlet. "When you go off the checklist, I check Caucasian, because that's what I am."

The following day, Dr. Piñón sent an email to the entire class, stating they could contact him about the exam and how to best study for it.

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