Prince Royce Loves Representing His Latin Roots

Prince Royce is one successful Latino...and he’s proud of it!

The Dominican-American singer told wire service EFE that his dream is to demonstrate how Latinos can become successful in the United States, but still remain a beacon of their Hispanic culture.

Royce, who's real name is Geoffrey Royce Rojas, was born in the Bronx borough of New York City to immigrant working-class parents. Growing up in New York, he gained a passion for singing, “Spanglish”, and the rhythm of bachata.

He used this passion to work his way to the top, and he’s now cashed in on multimillion-dollar deals and a successful music career. The star, however, hasn’t forgotten his Latino roots. 

“I represent New York, I represent the Bronx, I represent the Dominican Republic,” he said, in an interview with EFE in Miami, “And I always have that mind with everything I do.”

He said his goal is to bring Hispanic together in one space: “I do it when merged mariachi sounds like the song ‘Incondicional and now I do it with reggae in my new single ‘Darte Un Beso.'"

We love that he takes so much pride in being Latino! What do you think? Check out his new album Soy El Mismo, set to be released on October 8.