Two Pregnant Immigrant Teens Fight Trump Administration for Abortion Rights

@Tony Webster via Wikimedia Commons

Back in October, a 17-year-old native from Central America, known as Jane Doe, requested the right to an abortion while in federal custody. 

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After weeks of legal battles with the Trump administration, the U.S. Court granted the teen permission to terminate her pregnancy. On Monday, The Washington Post reported that two other immigrant teens in custody are now asking a judge in Washington to allow them to get abortions. The 17-year-old teens, known as Jane Roe and Jane Poe, were both refused to terminate their pregnancy at an unknown detention center.

One teen is 10 weeks pregnant, while the other is in her second trimester (22 weeks), according to court papers. Brigitte Amiri, a senior staff attorney with the ACLU, calls the Trump's administration refusal to facilitate a pregnant unaccompanied minor's access to abortion "unreal.

“We’ve already stopped the Trump administration from blocking one young woman’s abortion,” Amiri, said in a statement.  “It’s unreal that the federal government is trying to force more young women to continue their pregnancies against their will.”

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Only time will tell whether the teens will be granted permission for an abortion like Jane Doe.