11-Year-Old Pregnant Girl in Chile Sparks Up Abortion Debate

“The Senate has voted in favor of life, of the unborn child, a policy the government has defended,” Cristian Larroulet, a top presidential aide, said after one of the votes.

One of the bills presented would have permitted abortion if two doctors were to say it was absolutely necessary because of risks to a mother's life or other medical reasons, such as a fetus with low chances of survival.

Another one of the measures that was rejected would have allowed abortion in the event of rape. And both scenarios are being witnessed in the case of this 11-year-old girl

“Chile is a country that has modernized when it comes to its economy, but when it comes to its social and political culture, it has become stagnant and this is seen with the abortion issue,” said Marta Lagos, head of the Santiago-based pollster Mori.

"It's a country that is adverse to change, that panics with any change, which is seen as a threat," Lagos continued. "The weight of Catholicism is still a major issue and we also have a millenary indigenous culture that always lived alienated from the rest of world. We're part of that millenary culture of isolation."

In Latin America, only Cuba, Uruguay and some local governments make early abortions accessible to all women.