Pope Francis Throws Pizza Party For Italy's Homeless to Honor Mother Teresa

Pope Francis Throws Pizza Party For 1,500 Homeless People to Honor Mother Teresa
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One thing's for sure: the Papa knows how to party.

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Mother Teresa of Calcutta dedicated her life to the "poorest of the poor," which inspired Pope Francis to celebrate her canonization in a creative and thoughtful way. The Argentine pontiff threw a huge pizza party for 1,500 homeless people across Italy at the Vatican after the ceremony. 

While 120,000 people showed up outside of St. Peter's Basilica for the canonization, the homeless were given the spot closest to the altar.

"We are certainly not saving the world with these initiatives, we are not solving the problems of the homeless in Rome," said Archbishop Konrad Krajewski. "But at least are giving them back a little dignity."

Equipped with three wood fire ovens, volunteers cranked out Neopolitan pizza for everyone who came through. They were led by pizza maker Vincenzo Staiano and 250 nuns from Missionaries of Charity, the nunnery that Saint Teresa started. 

"They travelled all night by bus to participate first in the canonization and then in the lunch," Krajewski said.

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The Pope is no stranger to treating people to pizza, either. For the past couple weeks, he's been gathering groups of Rome's homeless for afternoons of swimming and pizza.