Pope Francis Says Church Should Apologize to Gay Community

Pope Francis Says Church Should Apologize to Gay People In Wake of Orlando Shooting
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Pope Francis never ceases to surprise us with his message of consistent love and acceptance.

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On Sunday, the Pope was asked if he agreed with German Cardinal Reinhard Marx, who said that the Church should ask forgiveness for not behaving as it should. These comments were made in response to the Orlando shooting.

Pope Francis cited the catechism of the Catholic Church: "They must not be discriminated against ... they must be respected and accompanied pastorally." 

"The Church must say it is sorry for not having behaved as it should many times," he said. "When I say 'the church,' I mean we as Christians, because the church is holy; we are the sinners."

These types of comments are not out of the ordinary for the Pontiff, who is well known for being more accepting than traditional leaders of the Catholic Church. He also encourages Christians to apologize to other marginalized groups that are looked over by society. "I believe that the church not only should apologize to the person who is gay whom it has offended," he said.

"But it has to apologize to the poor, to exploited women, to children exploited for labor; it has to ask forgiveness for having blessed many weapons."

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Hopefully Christians around the world will take heed of this message of acceptance and take the first steps.