Isolated Peruvian Tribe Emerges From Jungle to Ask for Food

The Mashco-Piro tribe in Peru must have found itself in a state of emergency.

This tribe is considered to be "one of the most isolated tribes on Earth," but according to MSN Now, members have made contact with a nearby community to request food.

Not only is this form of contact extremely rare, it is also illegal. Anthropologists say tribe members were requesting bananas.

"There is a canoe sent by another remote indigenous community, which does not live in isolation, to send them food," said Saul Puerta Pena, director of AIDESEP.

"But the tribe cannot come into contact with the remote community still because any illness could kill them."

According to BBC News, there are thought to be between 12,000 and 15,000 people from "uncontacted" tribes living in the jungles east of the Andes.