‘Peruvian Schindler' Goes To Hollywood: Babysitter Saved Hundreds During Holocaust

Madeleine Truel
Courtesy of Luis E. Cam/ Fox News Latino

Without a dab of Jewish blood in her veins, born and raised thousands of miles away in Lima, Peru, this bank clerk and occasional babysitter gave her life to save hundreds of lives in France during World War II.

“She was a working-class hero,” said Luis Cam, who directed a documentary about her two years ago. When the film came out in Peru, the media proudly dubbed her “the Peruvian Schindler.”

But Madeleine (also Magdalena) Truel’s story remains largely unknown — albeit not for long now. A Hollywood studio, Transcendent Entertainment, plans to take to the big screen the suspense and drama that ensued when in 1943 Truel joined the French Resistance and became one of the best-regarded forgers.

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