Pancho Villa Descendant Becomes Top Cop in Quintana Roo, Mexico

In a story so fantastical, it has to be true (because we seriously can not make this stuff up) Pancho Villa's great nephew Gen. Carlos Bibiano Villa Castillo has become the top cop in the coastal Quintana Roo state of Mexico.

And apparently, much like his uncle, Gen. Villa is not easily intimidated. Before he began his job at his new post last month, the vicious Las Zetas cartel (known for being the most ruthless of all the Mexican narcotraffickers) sent him a clear message by leaving a dismembered body outside of the resort city of Cancum with a note that read, "This is a little gift for you. You're next, Villa."

"Damn good that they sent me a warning," Villa told The Associated Press. "If they are warning me, I'll be ready." Villa's approach is controversial, especially since he admitted that he sleeps with a rifle and a pistol he has affectionately nicknamed "mi negrita," and that he believes in a military style of policing that often subscribes to a "shoot first and ask questions later" mentality. Some critics have suggested that this attitude will only lead to increased violence in the area.

Villa's response? "I don't want advisers, I want people on the street," Villa says. "What I want is to 'go out and bust some heads.'"