Pablo Escobar's Last Gift to Colombia: Crazy Hippos That May Have to Be Killed

Pablo Escobar's Last Gift to Colombia: Crazy Hippos That May Have to Be Killed

It wasn't all about the drugs for Pablo Escobar.

According to Fox News Latino, the infamous Colombian drug lord had also smuggled exotic animals, including four wild hippos, forming a zoo in part of his estate. Now the city of Medelin is finding itself in a bit of a crisis as a result. Following Escobar's death in 1993, authorities were able to find homes for many of the animals the drug lord owned but locating a place for the hippos has been no simple task.

There are reportedly an estimated 50 and 60 hippos roaming the Antioquian countryside, "terrifying local residents and wreaking havoc on crops and cattle."

"We have seen that hippos are very territorial and very aggressive," Carlos Valderrama, a veterinarian from the charity Webconserva, told BBC. "They are not a tame animal. The risk for local populations to just leave them to browse around will be huge."

Fox News Latino reports that many, including the Department of Environmental affairs, have advised that the best answer for what to do with these immense creatures is killing them.

"I think they should barbecue them and eat them," Patricio von Hildebrand, a biologist working in the Amazon region, said to BBC.

But while Hildebrand's comment is a very real suggestion and had been done in the past, one environmentalist feels it's not the best idea.

We do not want to choose the easy option and give the world this negative image, not with such a charismatic animal," said David Echeverri of environment authority Cornare. "The country is changing the image it gives the world - we don't want to be in the headlines for such a story."

While Colombian authorities work on finding a solution to their enormous problem, it goes to show that Escobar's legacy continues to run rampant throughout the South American country.