Pablo Escobar's Son Slams 'Narcos' for Turning His Father Into 'a Hero'

Pablo Escobar's Son Slams Netflix Show Narcos for Turning His Father Into 'A Hero'

So many people have fallen in love with the Netflix original series Narcos. That is except for one person: Juan Pablo Escobar's son, Sebastian Marroquin. 

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Marroquin, who publicly speaks out against the drug profligacy in Colombia, is completely against the way the show glamorizes his father's story. 

"[The series] Narcos turned my father into a hero and given young people the idea that it's cool to be a drug trafficker," he told Spanish-language newspaper El Periodico. 

This isn't the first time Marroquin has criticized the show, either. He was in the news last year when he listed 28 inaccuracies in Narcos, saying it was "insulting." He says he receives tons of messages from young people asking for help to be like his father.

"They want to be that criminal," he said. "They send me photos dressed up like him, with his moustache, his hairstyle."

After his father's death at the hands of the Colombian police, Marroqiun fled to Argentina at 16 and started a new life. 

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"I am not against telling stories, but I am against glorifying criminals and showing drug trafficking as glamorous," he said. "This confuses youths."