Ohio Middle School Student Shoots Himself in School Bathroom


A seventh-grade student brought a gun to school and used it to shoot himself in the bathroom, according to school officials

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News 5 Cleveland reported that just before 8:00 am Tuesday morning a Jackson Memorial Middle School student in Massillon, Ohio, brought a gun in his bookbag and shot himself. Jackson Police Department stated the gunshot was self-inflicted and his parents have been notified. 

According to the Jackson Local School District's website, the middle school and the high school were placed on lockdown and all four elementary schools in the district are closed. 

A message on the school's website said students would be released around 11:00 am. Parents anxiously waited outside the school to pick up their kids.

Students were reportedly having their backpacks and lockers searched before they could be released to their parents.  

Police said they would investigate how the student was able to get a gun inside the school.  The school has no metal detectors

The Florida school shooting that devasted the nation on Valentine's Day last week killing 17 people has parents uneasy about protection for their children.

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The investigation is ongoing as authorities try to determine if the shot was intentional.