Occupy Wall Street Protester Drops F-Bomb on 'Geraldo Live'

Geraldo Rivera was taken by surprise the other day while interviewing Occupy Wall Street protesters live in Manhattan's Zuccotti Park.

The man who spewed the foul language was rocking a stylish fedora when Rivera asked him what his end goal was for joining the crowd protesting for economic justice that has been gathered in downtown NYC since September. "My goal is to occupy everywhere possible, I think what you're seeing her Geraldo is a large amount of people who have been deeply and profoundly f#*%ed by the system,” the gentleman said before Rivera quickly turned away.

"Ooooh, that's raw, man, I hope you bleeped that," Geraldo pleaded with the camerman. "You guys swore to me no curses, that's lame," he complained as he made faces and turned away.

Many protesters have complained of skewed media coverage and we must say, it did sort of seem like Rivera sought out some of the more fringe elements gathered in protest. It really says something when the man who dropped he f-bomb winds up sounding like the most intelligent person in the room.