WATCH: The Obamas Dance the Tango in Argentina

President Barack Obama can now add bailarín to his résumé, and so can first lady Michelle Obama. After the Cuba leg of their trip, the first couple headed to Argentina, where both danced tango with top Argentinian performers.

"I was nervous," Mora Godoy, the president's dance partner, told La Nacion. "[I am nervous] whenever I have a special performance, and this was more than special."

Godoy revealed that despite the president's hesitation to accept her invitation to the dance floor, he turned out to be a good dancer. So much so that she ended up following his lead. Meanwhile, the first lady danced alongside another local.

"My hope is that, given the extraordinary history between our two countries, that this is a new beginning. I am coming to the end of my term as president of the United States – Michelle, by the way, is quite pleased about that," Obama said to the people of Argentina while laughing. "You are just getting started. But as we meet here today, what we recognize is that the opportunities and possibilities for our two countries are not bound by just two leaders."

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But not everyone enjoyed the president’s moves. Back home, he was heavily criticized for enjoying a ball game and dancing tango instead of addressing the Brussel attacks.

Watch the Obamas do their thing on the dance floor in the video above!