NYPD Officer Reprimanded for Speaking Spanish While On Duty

It was just a mere three weeks ago that we heard about a pair of Whole Foods workers being suspended for speaking Spanish while on the job. Whole Foods has since stated that they would be revising their language policy. Now a similar case appears to be going on in New York.

The NY Daily News is reporting that a female NYPD officer, by the name of Jessenia Guzman, was recently reprimanded via memo for briefly speaking Spanish while on duty. Guzman, a Bronx native whose famiy is from the Dominican Republic, says she was written up on May 14 for speaking a single sentence in Spanish.

“It was just natural,” Guzman said of the interaction with her colleague which prompted the moment. “She walked by. She was going to get coffee. She said something. I responded (in Spanish). That was it.” Guzman was later called in to a supervisor's office and was told she was required to communicate department business in English.