Major New York News Network Drops Offensive Term

Pat Kiernan on NY1

Bravo for progress!

New York City's popular news network, NY1, has announced that it will no longer use the term "illegal immigrant."

According to The Huffington Post, NY1's news director Dan Jacobson distributed a memo asking staff to use the phrase "here illegally" or the term "undocumented immigrant."

"Undocumented is a little Orwellian," Jacobson wrote in the memo, according to HuffPo. "It's not like people misplaced their documents or left them at home. But I also understand the much more damaging impact of branding someone illegal, which many interpret is the case when we use the shorthand 'illegal immigrant.'"

In April 2013, the Associated Press began paving the way for this movement when it declared that its AP Stylebook would be making changes to how it describes people living in a country illegally.

"The Stylebook no longer sanctions the term 'illegal immigrant' or the use of 'illegal' to describe a person," AP Senior Vice President and Executive Editor Kathleen Carroll explained. "Instead, it tells users that 'illegal' should describe only an action, such as living in or immigrating to a country illegally."

Other major news outlets still use "illegal immigrant," but we're sure it won't be long before they decide to strike the term as well.