Chingonas! Nuns Pose as Prostitutes to Rescue Victims of Sex Trafficking

Chingonas: Nuns Pose as Prostitutes to Rescue Victims of Sex Trafficking

More than 1 thousand nuns are trading their veils and habits for skin-tight dresses and pumps, but it’s safe to say Jesucristo isn’t giving any of these women the side-eye. 

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Talitha Kum, which means "arise child" in Aramaic, is a group of 1,100 nuns from 80 different countries who are going undercover as prostitutes in hopes of entering brothels and rescuing victims of sex trafficking.  

"These sisters do not trust anyone," John Studzinski, an investment banker and philanthropist who chairs Talitha Kum, told Reuters. "They do not trust governments, they do not trust corporations, and they don’t trust the local police. In some cases they cannot trust male clergy."

With access to the brothels, the nuns buy children and get them housing and help across Africa and countries like Brazil, India and the Philippines.

"This is a new network of houses for children around the world who would otherwise be sold into slavery. It is shocking but it is real," Studzinski said.

The group, which has been around since 2004, does have its critics, though. According to Christina Arnold, founder and CEO of Prevent Human Trafficking, Talitha Kum's work might actually be harmful.

"When you buy the victim, you just drive up the cost for brothel owners or traffickers trying to sell in the future," Arnold told Fox News.

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Still, the nuns hope to expand the group, looking to operate in 60 more countries and begin targeting the supply chain.