This Little Boy Explains Why He'd Make a Better Leader Than Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro Stages Coup to Avoid Being Impeached
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As Venezuelans ask for international help from abroad, those who have made their way are still feeling the effects of tragedy.

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Brandon Stanton of the popular blog "Humans of New York" spoke to an eight-year-old boy who was born in Venezuela, but moved to the U.S. two years ago. He spoke to Stanton about why he believes he could be an amazing president for his home country.

"Did you know that sometimes Venezuela people shoot each other on purpose?" the boy said. "I will change that."

"I can't be president now because I'm only eight," he added. "But I did skip the first grade."

While Venezuela desperately tries to escape its current political crisis, President Nicolás Maduro isn't making things easier.

On Sunday, Venezuela's Congress declared that the government staged a coup by blocking a drive to recall Maduro. His supporters forced their way into the National Assembly meeting called by opposition leaders.

Opposition lawmakers promised to put Maduro on trial after a court supportive of his administration suspended their campaign to collect signatures to hold a referendum on removing him.

"We will bring a political trial against President Nicolas Maduro to get to the bottom of his role in the break with democracy and human rights here," said lawmaker Julio Borges, who says the congress is now in open rebellion after the majority of its members voted that the decision constituted a coup with government participation. 

If legal action was taken against the president, it probably wouldn't go through due to the administration's control over the courts. 

"It's important because in other constitutional crises elsewhere in Latin America, the behavior of the ruling party was crucial," said Javier Corrales, a political science professor at Amherst College.

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On Sunday, Venezuela's congress approved a resolution to officially ask the international community to step in to "protect the people's right to democracy by any means necessary." Opposition leaders will also start to build pressure in the streets, starting with a nationwide protest on Wednesday called "the taking of Venezuela," most likely a larger version of what ocurred last month with #TomaDeCaracas.

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