Venezuelan President Bizarrely Blames Spiderman For Violence

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro doesn't appear to be a fan of web slinging superhero Spiderman.

According to The Huffington Post, Maduro is placing the blame on Spiderman for all the violence in Venezuela. The Venezuelan President feels children's idolization of Spiderman is the root of the problem.

As translated by Huffington Post, following a viewing of Spiderman 3, Maduro told a Bolivian newspaper, "That's the trouble, from the beginning until the end there are more and more dead. And that's one of the series small children love most because it's attractive, it's from comics that are attractive, the figure, the colors and movements."

Maduro also added that kids are "stimulated by consumerism and violence" which causes them to "grab a 9 mm and goes to kill."

What are your thoughts on this? Is Spiderman to blame or is there truly another underlying issue? Share in the comments!