News Outlet Equates Mariachi Group With Illegal Immigrants

Ay dios mio! The Daily Caller, an online news and opinion site, recently published a story on UCLA dropping the term "illegal immigrant." But it isn't the story that has us scratching our heads - it's the online image they chose to illustrate it. As originally reported by Latino Rebels, the story is accompanied by a double image of people protesting, with another image of two men in a mariachi group. Yes, we're serious.

The men are dressed in the usual mariachi outfit with wide brimmed sombreros, so clearly the best depiction of "illegal immigrants," no? Nevermind the fact that this just perpetuates cultural stereotypes and incorrect racial identifiers.

Interestingly enough, the actual article brings up a good point of discussion on whether the term, "illegal immigrant," is actually racist. But how can we take that comment as a serious point of reflection when it's illustrated with such an ignorant image? 

What do you think? Is this downright ignorant or do you think they're intentionally trying to stir up conversation? Share in the comments!