New York is First State to Ensure Legal Representation to Detained Immigrants Facing Deportation

New York Just Became the First State to Give Legal Representation to Immigrants Facing Deportations

Last week, New York became the first state to ensure that all immigrants held in detention facilities upstate have legal representation during their deportation hearings.

The state allocated $4 million from its fiscal year 2018 budget for its public defense program titled the New York Immigrant Family Unity Project, which will help hundreds of undocumented immigrants locked up in New York’s four immigration detention centers, Pacific Standard reports.

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Nationwide, only 37 percent of immigrants receive legal representation for removal proceedings. Furthermore, just 14 percent obtain this access in cases where the person is detained. “There is no guaranteed counsel in removal proceedings,” Kevin Johnson, dean of the University of California–Davis School of Law, said. “There are extremely few attorneys in the remote locations where immigrants are detained [compounded by] President Trump promising to increase the number of immigrants detained.”

Way to go, New York!