New York Formally Acknowledges Dominican Heritage Month

New York Acknowledges Dominican Heritage Month

Big news, Dominicanos!

Earlier this week, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo officially announced that the state will celebrate and honor Dominican Heritage Month from January 21 to February 27.

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The month will align with Dominican Independence Day, February 27, and the birthday of founding father Juan Pablo Duarte, which falls on January 26.

"During the observance of Dominican Heritage Month, our state's Dominican communities host activities that promote awareness of their culture and heritage through religious and patriotic celebrations," the proclamation from Cuomo's office read. "It is fitting that New Yorkers celebrate this special commemoration of ancestral pride and tradition with our Dominican communities and extend appreciation to all our Dominican friends and neighbors for the valuable contribution they have made and continue to make to our great state."

Nearly half (48%) of the nation's 1.5 million Hispanics of Dominican origin live in New York, and about eight-in-ten call the Northeast their home. Hooray for a long overdue honor!

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See the proclamation below: