11 Latino New Year's Eve Traditions

A new year brings hope for love, money, success, and more. But for many Latinos, none of these wishes will come true without following a few important steps. Here are 10 New Year's Eve traditions (and superstitions) that Latinos do:

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1. Wearing All White

In the Brazilian culture, wearing all white to welcome the new year ahead is a sign of purity. They believe you are bringing good luck and fortunate into your life with this tradition. 

2. Cleaning the House

Cleaning the House

The ritual of cleaning the house from top to bottom before midnight on New Year’s Eve is a tradition that started in Mexico, but is followed by Latinos from many different Latin American countries. It is believed that by sweeping up every corner of the home, you will remove negative energies and allow new, good energy to come in.

3. 12 Grapes

12 Grapes

Twelve grapes are placed in a bowl for each family member. When the clock strikes midnight, each person eats 12 grapes which means they will have good fortune for all the 12 months of the new year.

4. Water Out the Window

Water Out the Window

If you want to remove bad energy from the home so it’s all gone before the new year, then you must travel through each room of the house with a bucket of water and then throw the bucket of water out the window.

5. Hiding Cash

Hiding Cash

Want to bring prosperity into your life for the new year? Then go around stashing cash throughout different parts of your home before midnight.

6. Champagne Gold

Champagne Gold

Another ritual to bring prosperity is the toasting of gold and champagne. At the strike of 12, many Latinos toast a glass of champagne with a gold object placed inside. The object can be a ring, chain, or any other small object made of gold.


7. Say No to Black

Say No to Black

Some Latinos believe you should never welcome the new year wearing black — it’s bad luck!

8. The Right Underwear

The Right Underwear

A growing popular tradition among many Latinos is wearing newly bought lingerie or underwear on New Year’s Eve. Wearing yellow underwear or lingerie is said to bring good luck and fortune in the new year. If you’re hoping to be lucky in love and find your soulmate in the new year, then opt for red underwear.

9. Carrying a Suitcase

Carrying a Suitcase

Want to finally take your dream vacation next year? Then on New Year’s Eve make sure to go into a room and walk around seven times in a circle carrying a suitcase. Or you can take a walk around your block one time lugging the suitcase around.

10. Burning Pictures

Burning Pictures

A tradition started in Ecuador, burning images of something you don’t want from last year means you won’t have it in the new year.

11. Lentils


Want success and money in the new year? Many Latinos believe that placing raw lentils in your pockets before the clock strikes 12 on New Year’s Eve will attract money and prosperity.