This University is Offering Lower Tuition to Students From Mexico

New Mexico State University Offers Lower Tuition to Native Mexicans

New Mexico State University is lending a helping hand across the border.

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The university has created a program, which will offer Mexican students tuition at less than half the usual out-of-state rate, Fox News Latino reports. This means students from Mexico who meet the university’s requirements will now pay an estimated tuition of $4,691 per semester for undergraduate.

“NMSU has a lot to offer students from Mexico, and we know these students have a lot to offer us in terms of their backgrounds, experiences and diversity,” NMSU’s Chancellor, Garrey Carruthers explained.

The school has reportedly seen enrollment rates drop and revenue decline in recent years, and sees Mexico as a stable market to target.

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“To put it bluntly, we felt we were not keeping up with our competitors in the region like Arizona and UTEP,” Cornell Menking, the associate provost for international and border programs at NMSU said. He continues by explaining that the university’s new Descubre Program will attract even more Mexican students like never before.