Video Shows New Mexico Detention Guards Torturing Latina Detainee

(Trigger Warning: Violence)

A disturbing video released on Wednesday shows a Latina inmate at the Metropolitan Detention Center in New Mexico being tortured by guards. Her infraction: possession of a poster.

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The 43-minute video, taken on Sept. 19, 2015, shows Sgt. Eric Allen, who trains jailers on use-of-force, demanding detainee Susie Chavez to “stop moving” and “stand up,” as a female guard pulls the woman up by her hair.

The detainee asks the guard what her name is, which only exasperates the authorities more. The guard tases Chavez to the ground as she yells “stop.” Allen then tells her to “stop resisting,” to which she replies that she “wasn’t.”

“Put her in a wristlock, and twist her wrist until she shuts up and stops crying,” Allen instructs two other guards, who quickly follow through. The woman, in pain, yells, “you’re going to break my f**king wrist,” but the jailers continue, now telling her to “be quiet.”

The guards later take the grieving woman to the medic, as she sobs and screams the entire way while forced to walk bent over.

At one point, Allen threatens to mace Chavez, which he eventually does when she throws herself to the ground.

Upon arriving to medical, a concerned EMS worker begins questioning Allen about what happened.

He is now under investigation for his violent instructions, but Lt. Stephen Perkins, president of the police union that represents jailers in Albuquerque, says his guards operated accordingly.

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Sgt. Allen, who was fired in 2008 on allegations of excessive use-of-force and rehired in 2009, has been suspended from work-duty since January.