New Details on Hugo Chavez’s Final Resting Place Emerge

A final resting place has been determined for Hugo Chávez’s body.

The Miami Herald is reporting that the late president’s body is set to be displayed permanently at an old fort of historic significance on a Venezuelan hilltop. The 113-year-old structure known as Cuartel de la Montaña (Mountain Barracks) was used by Chávez to direct coup operations.

On top of the building that resembles a castle is a sign with the number ‘4’ beside the letter ‘F’; they represent February 4, 1992, which was when the late Chávez (who died of a massive heart attack on March 5) helped lead a failed coup against the then President Carlos Andrés Pérez.

As we reported earlier, Chávez’s embalmed body will eventually be placed on public display inside a glass casket. His successor, acting President Nicolás Maduro, told the country that the embalming process will begin after his countrymen finish filing past Chávez’s casket. A mausoleum will be built, where the late president’s body will be taken to the 4F barracks and rest permanently.