New College for Undocumented Students to Open in California

A new project called National Dream University, a collaboration between the University of California, Los Angeles Center for Labor Research and Education and the National Labor College, will offer online courses for college credit to young immigrant and labor rights activists who want to attend college.

"Students are getting motivated, they're having a newfound sense of hope that they can go to college," Alma Castejon, the project's coordinator, told Fox News Latino. "If they're not having this opportunity in their home state, they need someone to provide that."

Thirty-five students will be admitted for the 2013 school year. Six courses will be offered, covering topics such as labor history and nonviolence and social movements. The year will cost $2,490 and students will be required to travel to Maryland and California at the beginning and end of the year but will complete their coursework and assignments online. Applications are due October 5.

Lisa Garcia-Bedolla, an associate professor at UC Berkeley's graduate school of education, thinks the program will draw students who couldn't afford many colleges because of expense, whether the student be undocumented or not. 

The program mirrored itself after Freedom University, a similar project happening in Georgia. Students who complete the program will receive a certificate and can transfer the credits. If the program succeeds, it might be expanded to a two- or four-year degree. 

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