National Tequila Party Movement Wants Your Vote

Remember last year’s election buzz around the Tea Party Movement? If things go their way, a group of Latinos may be stealing the show in the upcoming presidential election with – as tradition would have it – a REAL party.

The National Tequila Party Movement is launching a special campaign concert tour around 28 cities in 20 states. What do they want? You – to vote.

“We want to motivate Latinos to vote,” Belinda “DeeDee” Blase, spokeswoman for the Movement, told The Christian Science Monitor. “[Democrats and Republicans] don’t take us seriously because we don’t vote consistently.”

This nonpartisan organization wants both Republicans and Democrats to understand the power of the Latino vote. “The idea is to issue a wake-up call to both parties – Democrats for taking the Latino vote for granted and Republicans for pushing policies that adversely affect the Hispanic community,” the Monitor reported in a feature article on their efforts.

While the National Tequila Party Movement may strategically play on the fact Latinos love a good fiestón, their concern is legitimate after only 31 percent of registered Latino voters participated in last year’s midterm elections, according to a survey by the Pew Hispanic Center. In a drastic comparison, nearly 50 percent of whites and 44 percent of blacks turned to the polls.

We hope this initiative succeeds in its purpose as the Latino voting population has nearly doubled in the past ten years, and now includes 21 million eligible citizens. “We can blame Obama and Republicans and Democrats all we want, but the only way that the Latino community is going to get respect is if we become consistent primary-election voters as well as general-election voters,” Blase added. “So our respect comes from our vote, and that’s what we have to do still.”

How do you think we can get more Latinos to vote in next year’s election?