The Most Popular Baby Names This Year

Do you know what names were the most popular this past year? Turns out, we like to keep things traditional.

The Social Security Administration released the list of popular names for newborns in 2011, and Jacob (meaning “to follow”) leads the name list as the number one name for boys for the 13th year in a row. Sophia was the popular pick for girls, nabbing the number one spot.

It’s interesting to note that name variations are given different rankings: While Sophia came in at number one, Sofia came in at number 19. (We wonder how Sofia Vergara feels about this?) Sophia, in both spellings, means “wisdom.”

Mason (meaning “one who works with stone”) came in at the number two spot for boys, with William (meaning “determined”) coming in at at number three. (Maybe that’ll go up now that hunky William Levy has taken center stage.) Isabella (meaning “God’s promise”) and Emma (meaning “universal”) came in at number two and three, respectively.

Top 10 names for girls (and meanings):

Sophia (“wisdom”)

Isabella (“God’s promise”)

Emma (“universal”)

Olivia (literally “olive tree”. Also, “beauty, dignity”)

Ava (“life” or “bird”)

Emily (“eager”)

Abigail (“exaltation”)

Madison (“gift of the lord”)

Mia (“star of the sea”)

Chloe (“green shoot”)

Top 10 names for boys (and meanings):

Jacob (“to follow”)

Mason (“one who works with stone”)

William (“determined”)

Jayden (“thankful”)

Noah (“peaceful”)

Michael (“who resembles God”)

Ethan (“long-lived”)

Alexander (“warrior”)

Aiden (“fire”)

Daniel (“God is my judge”)

Did your favorite name make the cut? What names do you love?