More Latinos Consuming News in English

Both Lopez and Gonzalez-Barrera credit these changes in news consumption about Latinos to some of the following; a growing share of Latino adults speaking who speak English well, slowing immigration (the amount of Latino adults who are foreign-born has declined), and an increase in U.S.-born Latinos. According to the study, about 800,000 young U.S.-born Latinos enter adulthood every year – many of which are children of immigrants.

New outlets have not been blind to this shift in news consumption – and have made active steps to help facilitate it. If you recall, ABC News made huge waves in the news after teaming up with Univision earlier this year to create Fusion, a joint venture news and lifestyle outlet specifically for the U.S. Latino population. The cable channel (which will be English-language) is set to launch later this year. 

Do you consume most of your news in English?