Mitt Romney Gets Two States Closer to the Nomination

We're two states closer to the end of the Republican primaries season and frontrunner Mitt Romney secured both states, making him look like the inevitable nominee. Barely winning the Michigan primary with 41% of the vote, Rick Santorum was close behind with 38%. Romney fared better in Arizona, where his strong anti-illegal immigration stance helped him pull ahead of the competition.

Election 2012: Based on His Record, Will You Vote for Mitt Romney?

This is all building up to Super Tuesday on March 6. The political event everyone is waiting for will give Alaska, Massachusetts, Virginia, and seven other states their chance to say who should run against President Barack Obama this fall. Newt Gingrich in particular is banking on Super Tuesday to make up for some of his losses and get him back in the race.

While things are looking good for Romney at the moment, many pundits are predicting that there won't be a clear winner after Super Tuesday. If that's the case, the race will need to continue through the spring, giving Santorum more chances to get ahead.

Do you think Mitt Romney will end up winning the Republican nomination?