Miss Bumbum Pageant in Hot Water Over "Disrespectful" Last Supper Recreation

Miss Bumbum Pageant in Hot Water Over "Disrespectful" Last Supper Recreation
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Miss Bumbum is going to get their bums kicked. 

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The pageant is causing some serious controversy after recreating a bikini version of Leonardo da Vinci's "The Last Supper." The photo has eight of the contestants showing their butts to the camera looking like the famous painting that portrays Jesus Christ and his disciples. 

"I completely understand people being angry about it, because even I'm angry, and I'm in it. For me it is blasphemy," Diana Fegueredo, a Miss Bumbum hopeful told the Daily Mirror. "I feel really bad deep inside of me. I'm a practicing Catholic. Since I did the photo, my heart is tight inside my chest. I can't sleep, and I don't stop thinking about it. I've already asked forgiveness from God, and I ask forgiveness from everyone else. We went too far. We were part of a great sin."

Another contestant, Danny Morais, said the didn't really understand why they were being asked to pose like that but once she saw it she was "filled with remorse."

“God knows my heart and knows I wasn't being bad. I think we can be controversial in other ways, but not using God's name, not using a biblical story,” she said. 

The Miss Bumbum pageant has always been one to cause controversy so it's no wonder that in it's sixth year it's occurring again. 

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We are interested to see if the organization behind the pageant will issue an apology. Check out the image that started it all: