Miss Brazil Robbed at Gun Point in Sao Paulo

Debora Lyra, also known as Miss Brazil, was held up at gunpoint in front of her condominium in Sao Paulo, Brazil, according to multiple press reports. Lyra was robbed of her purse, cellular phone and her car, which was given to her as the winner of the Miss Brazil pageant last year.  The 2010 beauty queen expressed her reaction via Twitter, she wrote: “How much longer will these criminals do this?  I was just robbed in front of my house.”

Brazil’s Best Exports

In a global report issued by non-profit World Justice Project, it was revealed last month that Brazil’s crime rate is the highest in Latin America after Chile. Corruption and a lack of accountability are still prevalent in both countries, though Mexico tends to attract most of the media attention when it comes to violence due to the current Drug Wars. 

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