$1 Million Rains From Sky in Bolivia

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but it does fall out of the sky! At least, it does in Bolivia.

According to CNN, more than $1 million dollars fell from the clouds in Bolivia’s Eastern province of Santa Cruz this week. 

Police reported that an unidentified person tossed 26 bags of cash from a low-flying plane. They suspect a drug-deal gone wrong, and speculate that authorities reached the money before the drug-runners, who were supposed to collect on the ground. 

The authorities say the sum of money was U.S. dollar bills in various denominations, wrapped with a seal from a Paraguayan bank. They believe the money was supposed to set up either a cocaine production center or a fake commercial business in Bolivia to continue their illegal activity.

In addition to the piles of cash, police confiscated two vehicles, two rifles, a machine gun and three cell phones. 

Three suspects are currently in custody.