Mike D'Antoni Resigns - Is Carmelo Anthony to Blame?

Just this morning, we reported on the growing tension between Carmelo Anthony and New York Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni. It seems Anthony doesn't have anything to worry about anymore, however, because D'Antoni has resigned as Knicks coach. Uhh ... hooray?

Carmelo Anthony Struggles to Get Back on Track

Let's get you up to speed: last night, a source close to the player leaked to the press that Anthony wanted the Knicks to trade him because he didn't feel supported by the team's coach and management. As of this morning, Anthony's team said that he wasn't seeking a trade and it looked like they were working to sort it all out. 

Well ... a few hours later, it looks like "sorting out" actually just meant Anthony staying put and D'Antoni packing his bags. This is the same man who took a chance on Jeremy Lin and gave the Knicks a huge lift in buzz and morale.

Carmelo Anthony Credited With Jump-Starting Linsanity

Mere moments after the news started spreading, people were already speculating that Anthony forced him out. To some sports enthusiasts -- Knicks fans or not -- this was always a case of Anthony vs. D'Antoni. According to them, if the two can't work together, it comes down to one or the other and they chose Anthony. If that's the case, this is a warning to everyone: do not get on Carmelo Anthony's bad side. 

Are you surprised that Mike D'Antoni resigned? Do you think pressure from Carmelo Anthony had anything to do with it?