24-Year-Old Teacher Arrested for Having Sexual Relationship With Teen Student

24-Year-Old Middle School Teacher Arrested for Having Sexual Relationship With 13-Year-Old Student

This teacher-student relationship just went a little too far. 

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Alexandria Vera, a 24-year-old middle school English teacher in Texas, was arrested after getting sexually involved with one of her 13-year-old students, PEOPLE is reporting. 

Detectives have said the teacher has acknowledged her relationship with the teen and told them the two started getting intimate last September. Vera is claiming she met the student during a summer school session and he tried connecting with her on Instagram, which she ignored. The student started missing classes and she sent him a message on Instagram to which he responded by asking for her phone number. He asked if they could meet up and she drove to his house to pick him up and they kissed. 

Vera is also claiming the next day she drove to his house while his parents were at work and the two had sex. She is alleging the boy's parents knew about their relationship and even approved, allowing him to spend nights at her house. She learned she was pregnant after months of being with the boy and told his parents, to which they replied with excitement and support. Child Protectives Services made a visit to the school asking her questions about her relationship with the student and she later terminated her pregnancy due to fear. 

A spokesperson told PEOPLE, at first Vera denied any sort of relationship with the student. She has been charged with continuous sexual abuse of a child. 

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We are going to be on the lookout to see what else comes from this case.