Mexican President Projected to Be Peña Nieto

Enrique Peña Nieto, the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) candidate, is the projected winner of the nation’s presidential vote. A quick count has given him around 38 percent of the vote, the Federal Election Institute said late Sunday night. This marks the return of the PRI that ruled Mexico for more than 70 years until 2000 when the conservative National Action Party took hold, reports CNN.

"I take with great emotion and a great sense of commitment and full responsibility the mandate Mexicans have granted me today," Peña Nieto told supporters. His podium was marked with a sign that said “Mexico won."

Some, however, aren’t sold on the “win” just yet. Leftist candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Peña Nieto’s closest competitor, said Sunday that he wasn’t ready to concede. He trails by 6 percentage points in the quick count, placing him around 32 percent of the vote.

“The last word has yet to be said,” the former Mexico City mayor told supporters. An official vote tally begins Wednesday.

If (or when) elected, Peña Nieto’s plans include a stop to the rise of food prices, a push for energy reform, social security for all Mexicans and reduction of violence nationwide.