Mexico City School Collapses Due To Earthquake, At Least 20 Children Killed

As the death toll surpasses 200, following the 7.1 magnitude earthquake that shook Mexico City, first responders were in a race against time as they search through the rubble of what's left of a primary school. 

The Escuela Enrique Rebsamen, located in the southern part of Mexico City, collapsed on teachers and students after being struck by the quake. "We dug holes, then crawled in on our bellies," Pedro Serrano, a volunteer rescue worker, told The Associated Press. "We managed to get into a collapsed classroom. We saw some chairs and wooden tables. The next thing we saw was a leg, and then we started to move rubble and we found a girl and two adults — a woman and a man."

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At the moment 25 bodies have been recovered from the school –21 were children.

The deadly earthquake comes on the anniversary of the 1985 earthquake that killed thousands of people in Mexico City. Just hours before the huge earthquake hit residents, a national public earthquake drill had been conducted.