Mexico City is Considering Making Marijuana Legal

Mexico City is the latest to announce that they are now considering the legalization of marijuana.

According to HuffPost Latino Voices, the leftwing Party of the Democratic Revolution is currently preparing legislation that would make it legal to smoke pot in Mexico City. The legislation, which legislators are planning to introduce in September, would allow Mexico City residents to grow the plant at home, smoke it in designated clubs and carry up to 25 grams.

The bill's goal is to permit marijuana use for medical reasons, but also making it possible to legalize it for recreational use.“Most marijuana consumers aren’t addicts,” said Mexico City Deputy Vidal Llerenas Morales. “They aren’t criminals. They are functional people.”

While ex-President Vicente Fox would feel legalizing marijuana is a good idea since he believes it will help with the fight against drug cartels, current president. Enrique Peña Nieto, is not convinced that legalization is the way to go.

“I’m not in favor because it’s not just about legalizing marijuana,” said Nieto during an interview with CNN in December. “ It seems to me that this would open up the possibility that some sectors of the population could wind up consuming much more harmful things.”

With President Nieto not exactly on board, will the bill have a chance to pass? We guess this probably will depend on how many follow Nieto's view.