In Mexico 6 People Were Found Hanging Over Bridges


On December 20th, Mexican officials reported having found six bodies hanging from three overpass bridges, two of which were above highways running to the airports in La Paz and Los Cabos.

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Law enforcement had to remove the dead bodies early Wednesday morning but have yet to give details on what happened to the deceased men.

La Paz and Los Cabos are popular tourist beach destinations with millions of visitors each year. Governor Carlos Mendoza Davis said online via his Twitter that the incident was being investigated and that he “condemns these acts and any expression of violence.”

2017 has been Mexico’s deadliest year since 2011 with a record high of 9,916 murders in just the first five months of 2017, roughly a 30% increase over the same period last year.

Authorities have not released any information on who was behind the homicides, but many speculate that the increase organized drug crime has something to do with it.

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According to CNN Mexico's drug gangs regularly hang victims from bridges and highway overpasses in places like Mexico City, but it is unusual for bodies to be seen near tourist areas.