Mexican Weather Girls Open Up About Objectification



Las ‘muñequitas’ del clima

Son las presentadoras del tiempo, el programa televisivo más rentable y polémico por su machismo de la programación mexicana

Posted by El PAÍS México on Wednesday, January 20, 2016


When society talks about the hypersexual, voluptuous Latina weather girls of Spanish-language news, the conversation almost always centers on objectification. And now these very mujeres are joining the discussion.

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Mexican newspaper El País interviewed weather girls Yanet Garcia, whose videos went viral last year, and co-worker Gabriela Lozoya to hear their thoughts on the issue.

Both of the women said they were aware of the criticism they receieved for being presented as sexual objects, but they weren’t angry at the producers who placed them in these roles. Rather, they had a bone to pick with the folk who claimed they’re be objectified.

“Unfortunately, we often do get labeled as objects. It’s sad, it’s unfortunate that we get labeled that way,” Lozoya said in Spanish. “But we can show the opposite … that we’re there because we know what we’re doing.”

While she hopes viewers recognize her talent and smarts, she also wants them to find her attractive.

“Obviously, in front of the camera, you need to be attractive. Because people will – well, as a viewer, if I see someone ugly, I’ll change [the channel]. What’s the point of watching someone ugly on TV?”

Garcia agrees, seeing her sex appeal as something other women should look up to.

“People make a living from their looks. These days, it’s very important. Also, we’re women who are seen as an inspiration," she said.

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