Mexican Vigilantes Are Kidnapping Criminal Gang Members

Mexican Vigilantes Are Kidnapping Criminal Gang Members

Mexicans in Totolapan, a town of Guerrero, have taken its gang problem in their own hands, forming a vigilante group in response to the growing violent crimes.

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A few dozen residents, who say they are tired of being pushed around by local gang "Los Tequileros," have kidnapped at least 20 people they believe to be linked to the gang.

"They have humiliated us. They have killed our families and we won't let it happen again," one of the vigilantes said.

According to Fox News, the town of Totolapan, where many have fled, has been controlled by gang leader Jacobo de Almonte, more commonly known as "El Tequilero" (“The Tequila Drinker”), for years.

Vigilante groups like the one in Totolapan have become a headache for Guerrero's government.

"The truth is, they are not really community forces, nor are they police," Gov. Hector Astudillo said. "They are armed groups that unfortunately carry out acts ... that generate more violence and confrontation, rather than help."

Last week, locals kidnapped Tequilero’s mother, offering an exchange for a prominent businessman the gang had taken earlier.

On Wednesday, after two days of negotiations, the trade was made.

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Still, Astudillo insists "this is something that has to end.”