Mexican Tycoon Carlos Slim Helu Is Still The Richest Man in The World!

Move over Bill Gates!

Mexican business man Carlos Slim Helu continues to hold Forbes’ richest man in the world title for a third year in a row. The 72-year-old is worth $69 billion as the chairman of telecom services Telmex and America Movil. Helu comes from a legacy of entrepreneurship. His father of Lebanese decent Julián Slim Haddad owned a dry goods store and later became a strong real estate player in Mexico City.

Carlos Slim Helu Is Officially The Richest Man in The World

The savvy businessman, who earned his degree at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma in Mexico, is strongly dedicated to his philanthropic work with the Carlos Slim Foundation, which helps aid communities in Latin America. He has reportedly donated $4 billion to his own charity organization.

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During an interview with the “Academy of Achievement” Helu said, “I believe in circumstances, and I think that you make your own destiny, but your own destiny depends on the circumstances," he continues, "And in some way, you can say that circumstances take you to some destiny, but I believe in the freedom to create your own future.”