Weird News of the Day: Mexican Teen Fakes Kidnapping, Planned to Use Money for Vaca

It's crazy to think a teenager would actually fake their own kidnapping in order to nab a lot of cash from their parents, but it's true.

According to ABC News, 19-year-old Mexican Arely Soto faked her own kidnapping so that she could get money to go on vacations with her ex-boyfriend and four other friends.

In order to make the story believable, Soto disappeared from her home in Veracruz and left a ransom note for her parents requesting $20,000. Soto then had friends call her family posing as "bloodthirsty criminals."

Reports by Zocalo, a Mexican newspaper, state that Soto's parents agreed to make the ransom, but sensed something was off with this story and contacted police.