Mexican Teacher Uses Stamps to Brutally Insult Students

Mexican Teacher Uses Stamps to Brutally Insult Students

High school mean girls have nothing on this Mexican teacher. Santiago Cabrera Morelos, who teaches at Escuela Secundaria Tecnica Num. 61 in Puebla, Mexico, is stamping incredibly cruel things on his students’ papers.

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He inked "you're an embarrassment to your family" and "go back to your hometown school" on class assignments. But it gets worse – so much worse. Students are tweeting quotes from the professor, and the playful bullying gets unbelievably insensitive.

"You do more damage to Mexico than the Zika virus," reads one. "These are the types of Mexicans Donald Trump is referring to," says another.





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Still, the scholars seem to be enjoying their teacher’s curious comedy. What are your thoughts: is Prof. Cabrera Morelos going too far or is he just straight-up hilarious?  

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