Mexican Man Places 'Chastity Belt' On Girlfriend For 12 Years

I'm sorry, but...what?!

For 12 years, one Mexican man locked his girlfriend’s pants shut with a 'chastity belt' every morning for fear that she would be unfaithful to him.

According to CNN en Español, the 25-year-old woman finally alerted police officers about her situation when she desperately needed to use the bathroom but was too afraid to cut her pants open.

The woman had been living with her older boyfriend, José Antonio, 40, since the age of 13 in a rural area in Veracruz.

When officers responded to the call, they found the woman alone. However, they were able to quickly track down José Antonio and bring him to custody. He was found with the key to the metal lock in his possession.

The victim stated she will not be pressing charges. Authorities let the man go, but forced him to sign a contract stating he would not use the chastity belt again.