Sound Off: 15 Reactions To Mexican Barbie

Elsie Albelo: No. The Chihuahua breed is native to Mexico. All the international Barbies come with passports. Why would this be offensive?? If they put a coqui with the Puerto Rico Barbie I would not be offended. A coqui is native to Puerto Rico and often used as a cultural symbol.

Lupe Gonzalez: love the doll and dress but do find the Chihuahua and passport offensive.

Nancy Rodriguez: No, not at all. I find the dog hilarious, since a ton of Hispanics own Chihuahuas. The passport seems appropriate with the theme of the collection. I think the doll looks awesome!

Anabel Beltran: I think the doll is beautiful. When I think of my Mexico I think bright colors, beautiful woman and I really can't be offended by the Chihuahua since I have one that I love very much. We should be proud that this doll is option for our young Latinas to play with and no longer have to play with white Barbie

@KMartinezCarter: “Seriously? Woof.”