Authorities Find 3 Men Tied to Border Fence After They Refused to Smuggle Drugs

Authorities Find 3 Men Tied to Border Fence After They Reportedly Refused to Smuggle Drugs

Three men refused to smuggle drugs so they were tied to the border fence. 

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The victims ranged from 14 to 20 and they were spotted tied to the fence near Nogales, Arizona, according to Fox News Latino. The men were trying to scale the fence into the U.S. when armed men demanded they smuggle drugs for them and when they declined the men tied them and tossed them to the U.S. side. 

Sheriff Antonio Estrada told the Nogales International that the men were "tied up like piñatas."

One of the men was able to call 911 and around 1 a.m. the police came and they were removed from the fence. 

"Tying people to the fence. That's a new one," Estrada said. "It's just another one of those things that happens along the border."

The group has been taken into custody by Border Patrol agents. 

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It's insane the length people will go to when they don't get their way.