Inspiring! 8-Year-Old Latino Boy Rescues Father After Car Crash

An 8-year-old boy named Joshua Garcia from Massachusetts made a remarkable and inspiring rescue on Thursday morning.

Fox News Latino reports that 30-year-old Eugenio Garcia was driving his car at around 3 A.M.. when he crashed through a guardrail in Fitchburg and plummeted 30 feet down, landing upside down on a sandbank in the Nashua River. His son, Joshua, managed to take off his seat belt, swim to shore and walk more than a mile home to get help.

When he arrived home, the young boy awoke his stepmother, who then proceeded to call 911 and report the accident at about 3:30 A.M.. “It’s pretty remarkable for an 8-year-old to do that,” Fitchburg Police Capt. Paul Bozicas told the New York Daily News.